How Does Matsuo Basho's Journey Affect Literature

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Matsuo Basho’s journey has a significant impact on literature due to his well-written journals that reveal his lifestyle and experiences. In his first journal, The Records of a Weather-exposed Skeleton, Basho conveys his spiritual thoughts and religious life that he experiences on a new journey. Basho’s journal contains several poems as he further reveals different people, traditions, and significant places that made his journey more memorable. In Matsuo Basho’s first journal he reveals the several reasons on why he is travelling. Basho departs from his home into the North in order to experience the culture aspects and nature of Japan. Throughout, the first journal, we see Basho’s search for enlightenment in his pilgrimage. We see the different locations that Basho has gone to in order to learn more and to be part of the traditions. As stated by Basho, “…I left my broken house on the River Sumida in the August of the first year of Jyokyo among the wails of the autumn wind” (Basho 51). This quote explains that Basho leaves his home on a long pilgrimage in order to discover more about religion and develop a better understanding about Japanese culture as he is motivated to gain enlightenment. As he travels we readers realize how Basho becomes aware at…show more content…
As a poet Basho’s phenomenal word choice and description allowed us readers to view his journey as if we are there with him. It is amazing to see that Basho is such a religious person who has visited various shrines, temples, and met many new and old friends and created new haiku’s. In addition, this reading was interesting to me because it shows Basho’s motivation to become more enlightened and his choice to live according to Buddha’s life as expressed through his poems. Reading this journal was one of the best pieces of literature that I have read because of what I got to learn as a
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