How Does Media Affect Body Image

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Body image is how a person feels about their physical appearance. Someone with a negative body image has a distorted view of his or her body and often feels shame, anxiety and are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem and depression. People with a poor body image have a greater chance of developing an eating disorder. Which then can lead to drastic changes of their bodies using dangerous methods such as plastic surgeries and severe eating disorders in order to meet societal ideals. Today people feel that present ideals are pressuring them to conform, in any way possible to get the ideal body, these pressures cause body dissatisfaction and self-esteem issues.The media is causing body image issues due to the lack of diversity and realistic body representation, when exposed to western media young people are more likely to have eating disorders, participate in fad diets, or drastically change their bodies with plastic surgeries. The “ideal” woman’s body type has taken many forms, but these fads show that ideals change with the eras. These ideals are directly influenced by society, art and media. When trends changed it typically was replaced by thinner body shapes causing the introduction of methods of weight controls. Before Photoshop, women in the late 1800s used to corset their bodies to get the ideal shape, which then was fuller figured but a ridiculously tight corseted waists. During this time, another female body image was the “Gibson girl” — a soft, supple, dainty female with a frame defined by a corset. The Gibson girl…show more content…
There is a growing concern with the number of teenagers undergo types of plastic surgery or change their bodies drastically with the expectation that it will improve their body image and self-confidence. (Citation). Media uses photoshop to make models look thinner and clearer, making models look unattainably
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