How Does Media Affect Children

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Family Viewing
A report on parents, children and the media by Lucy McCarraher for the Parenting Education & Support Forum in association with the NSPCC, Family Circle magazine and Glasgow Media Group
Parenting Education & Support Forum
The Parenting Education & Support Forum brings together those concerned with or working in the field of preparation, education and support for parents. It promotes and maintains a high profile for parenting education and support, where education means learning in the fullest sense: of growing in knowledge, skills, understanding and personal development. The
Forum presses for effective policies and practice at local and national level – with the aim of serving the best interests of all children and
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Encouraged by the results, Hetty
Einzig, Development Director of the Parenting Forum, and I raised some funds for a more substantial study. The Parenting Education & Support Forum funded Lucy McCarraher, whose combined experience in the media, research and parenting issues was highly appropriate, to conduct a research project into ‘Parents and the Media’. We were pleased also to work with Greg Philo who helped devise the questionnaire, the Glasgow Media Group who analysed results and
Family Circle magazine, who ran the questionnaire in the May 1998 edition and have published the results. These project partners encouraged us to add a section about parents’ views of media influence on their children. The responses to this show how powerfully parents find the media affects their children.
The results of the survey and the focus groups Lucy conducted were even more positive than we had expected or hoped for. As anyone in regular contact with parents knows, mothers, fathers and other carers take their responsibilities extremely seriously, as well as finding them on balance enjoyable and deeply fulfilling. They are keen to have more accessible information and look to the media
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