How Does Media Affects a Child's Development

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Maureen Guillaume
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The media affects the lives of children daily. Children imitate things whether they are positive or negative because of the fact that they are not aware of the consequences. Parents need to be more attentive in their child’s life. They need to pay attention to what their child is either watching or listening to.
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Television programming that was produced by the Children’s Television Workshop was inventive and also became a model for other television shows that was both a positive aspect in the media and in school. These programs provided and helped the developmental skills of children in order to prepare them to enter school.
Progressions happened between the 1980s and 1990s in the field of computer technology. With this increase, more computer access would be able to children in school and home. With an easier access to media for children increased the media influence. During this same progression period, media went under a huge transformation. This transformation resulted in the increase of sexual innuendo and themes and violent behavior. This revolution of media was apparent in movies, music lyrics, video games, cartoons, magazines and television. Renee Hobbs Author of “Media Literacy in the Classroom." Stated
Just because our students can use media and technology doesn't mean they are effective at critically analyzing and evaluating the messages they receive. Students need a set of skills to ask important questions about what they watch, see, listen to and read. Often called media literacy, these skills include the ability to critically analyze media messages and the ability to use different kinds of communication technologies for self-expression and communication.
Meaning a child who is uninformed or uneducated in analyzing media is
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