How Does Media Influence Modern Society?

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How does the mass media influence modern society? A definition for what we call mass media is “The means of communication that reach large numbers of people in a short time, such as television, newspapers, magazines and radio”. Media is something that is all around us, its something that’s becoming unavoidable. Without noticing the things are more and more influencing the public in today’s society they read, see or hear. The media is finding ways to get in peoples minds and influence the way they live. It’s getting harder for people to keep their private lives separate from anything else. In today’s modern society, the human population is completely depending on the media for information and to communicate with others. People trust the media for news, entertainment and even education. People will look, read and listen to things through the media, and a large amount of the population believe that the media is independent and impartial. Todays society is so dependent on the media to do their normal daily routines, like work, travelling, education, and even for there own personal relationships. The media is growing rapidly and influencing more and more people daily, within the last 50 years the media has advanced to the telegraph, and then it was the radio, then newspapers and magazines, television and now the Internet. Some people may consider the Internet being the worst form of mass media. What we need to remember is that most of our decisions and beliefs are based
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