How Does Mental Heath Services Could Be?

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The black community has its own opinion about how effect mental heath services could be. The most apparent opinion is how African Americans feel that using mental health services is something that is stigmatized to be not useful. There’s been plenty of occasions by which African Americans don’t seek the guidance because of their assumptions on the effectiveness of these interventions. In order to understand this better, Cauce has a three step model that includes problem definition, the decision to seek help, and the selection of a treatment service or service provider. This is called the help seeking pathway because it helps us understand the culture and context of the process to seek help. This process could happen in any order because…show more content…
the decision to seek help is more likely when the mental health problem is undesirable and cannot go away by its own. Stigmas play a major part of deciding not to get the treatment that they need. The community has grown to mistrust due to their lack of understanding it. One of the theories that come up is that the best way for the interventions to be impactful is for it to be made by the same race intervener as the participants. For instance, the four step process by Schantz is understood by the nation but it has a strong emphasis in Haiti. In order to improve on this situation is for them to be open minded but also willing to try to understand the cultural differences. Mental health professional misinterpret mistrust as a personal response rather than a cultural response. This shows that if researchers don’t pay attention to the community then the community wouldn’t respond accordingly. However, highly mistrustful African Americans or Caribbean Americans might be suspicious of receiving help from racially similar mental health professionals. The ethnic or racial match isn’t the same as a cultural match that’s interesting to think about because you would think if they were the same race then the community would respond nicely. This makes you think on how important it is to find the correct for an effective system between the community and the types of interventions that
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