How Does Miller Create Tension in the Last Scene/Act One in a View from the Bridge.

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How Does Miller Convey Tension In This Scene?

In this essay I will be discussing the various ways that Arthur Miller creates tension in the last scene in act one of A View from the Bridge. When you read this essay you will have to understand the definition of tension is. According the Oxford School Dictionary, “tension is a feeling of anxiety or nervousness about something that is about to happen.” Before the scene I will discuss how Eddie and Rodolpho created an awkward tension between them. They create this tension because Eddie is jealous of Catherine and Rodolpho's relationship because Catherine loves him and not Eddie; he doesn't like the fact that his feelings are one way only. At the start of the play we out that
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After this argument Eddie is “Holding back a voice fill of anger.” This is another sign that he is easily angered. “There is a pause, an awkwardness. Now Catherine gets up and puts a record on the phonograph.” As it says in the quote there is awkwardness, it’s an awkward tension and everyone’s waiting for something to happen. Catherine offers Rodolpho to dance; it takes a bit of encouragement but he eventually gives up, which bring Beatrice into conversation “Must be nice to go all over in one of them fishin’ boats.” They talk about the lack of girls who go, then Marco brings up that when Rodolpho goes on the boat everyone gets fat, that sets Eddie off again, but in a sarcastic tone more than a an angry one “He’s Lucky, believe me. That’s why the water front is no place for him. I mean like me – I can’t cook, I can’t sing, I can’t make dresses, so I’m on the water front. But if I could cook, if I could sing, if I could make dresses, I wouldn’t be on the water front.” Arthur Miller conveys tension by hinting that Eddie thinks that Rodolpho’s gay. “He has bent the rolled paper and it suddenly tears in two.” The torn paper portrays the broken family that they have become it also shows how quickly the tension is built. When they start to box, it seems harmless, it seems to have no secret intention. Eddie starts off
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