How Does Mma Affect Our Society

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Just like in other sports, when mixed martial arts fighters run afoul of public opinion, it taints their legacy. Whether it’s allegations of improper performance enhancing drug use or legal problems, when the media gets a hold of the story the fighter’s image can be destroyed. Here are situations where MMA fighters have had their legacy severely tainted by scandal, some dragging the reputation of mixed martial arts fighting through mud with them.

Not So Phenomenal After All

When Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs), are part of the scandal, it can affect the mixed martial arts world on a level beyond just the accused. In 2006, the highly acclaimed assent to the top of the MMA world rankings by Brazilian Vitor Belfort seemed phenomenal. Belfort
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In some circles, Belfort was establishing himself as the most dominate fighter ever, tagged with the nickname - The Phenom. His assent to the MMA throne was quickly exposed with a 2006 drug scandal he tested positive for Hydroxytestosterone.

Possibly the worst part of the whole scandal wasn’t necessarily the accusation itself, but his feeble attempt to blame someone, or something else. Belfort tried to cast doubt over the whole situation by saying it was a mistaken reading because of an over-the-counter supplement. If one scandal wasn’t enough, Belfort then accused his own South American doctor of overdosing him with testosterone in 2014.

There have been other PED scandals in the MMA world, a scourge that constantly rears its ugly head. Nick Diaz was given a 5-year death penalty for smoking weed; paltry compared the likes of Stephan Bonnar, Cung Le, Anderson Silva and the Female Cyborg – Christiane Santos, who all tainted the image of the sport by using PEDs; cheating to win. However, Belfort’s skyrocketing climb to MMA prominence, but continually redirecting the blame, gave the sport an extra big black eye, and labeled everything he accomplishes as suspect to say the least.

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