How Does Modern Life Evolve Over Millions Of Years Or Was It Created By God?

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Did modern life evolve over millions of years or was it created by God? The controversy started when Charles Darwin published his book On the Origin of Species. His theory of evolution stated that all life evolved from a single-celled organism. However, creationists rejected this theory. They referenced the Bible’s Book of Genesis for the historical account of how life was created. But without a doubt, there is undeniable evidence to support the fact that life on earth came from a common ancestor. With the recent advances in both science and technology, scientists can use fossil records, genetic changes and anatomical similarities to prove that life as we know it evolved from one common ancestor.

The remains and imprints of organisms found in earlier geological periods are still preserved in sedimentary rocks. These fossil records allow scientists to look through vast periods of time and attest to the fact that some species have transitional traits found in larger groups of organisms. This proves that species evolved from a distant ancestor and were not fixed there by God. Animals such as apes and the Archaeopteryx are evidence of the missing links and the gaps humanity has filled in the fossil records. They are also examples of transitional species that have tied different groups of species together through common traits and skeletal features. Fossil records also prove that single-celled organisms were succeeded by multi-celled organisms which ties back to Charles Darwin
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