How Does Moral Reasoning Relate To Ethics

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Write down how you think the three basic concepts of ethical conduct, namely (a) responsible acts, (b) making choices and (c) growth in the desired direction relates to education a. responsible act  this relate to education that everyone should be responsible enough for their education  These include all the norms and standard of South African education.  Responsible act is not for the acquisition of gain power to be responsible as a learner but gain the support from the government and promotion in the interest of education through its members as well as the school.  Responsible act regarding the education is the act which guide the learners, teachers and the school as the whole to behaviour in the particular manner B. making choices  A…show more content…
How does moral reasoning relate to ethics?  Moral reasoning is individual or collective real reasoning about what, morally, someone should to do. Ethical investigations of moral reasoning face both individual mystery of life about how we recognize moral consideration and ethics with conflicts among them and about how the to change our mindset that an act is conducted by the individuals.  Morality is about rules, principles and standards which have the possibility to director the choices of our activities and which provide a foundation for explanatory or assessing what we do. Ethics raises to the moral standards which apply to teaching as a profession. The term ethics therefore refers to the representative principles of teachers. Make the following four related statements. When you answer, don’t forget to refer to the ethics that supposedly underpin all classroom-related experiences between teacher and learner(s):  It is not that matter of respectable or corrupt deeds rather one enthusiasm to follow the rules and regulations that direct the constitution law of the county on how one must behave or how must not behave e.g. SACE is a legal guidance to teachers on how their should behave inside the classroom and in the school environment
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