How Does Motivation And Physical Activity Differ By Grade And Gender?

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counts? How does motivation and physical activity differ by grade and gender? Based on the information obtained in the study, results for the first research question revealed that when students viewed the physical education learning environment as one that is task or mastery-oriented the student in turn viewed participating in physical education positively. Results also revealed that there was a connection with student insight of the learning climate and attitudes of the student as opposed to self-determination. Results for the second question revealed that associations with attitude, self-determination, and learning climate during the 24-hour pedometer count were not strong. Results from the third research question confirmed results from previous research, that physical activity levels and student motivation decreases after grade six. Results from the pedometer count further confirmed the theory that physical activity declines in grade six. Further studies concluded that gender plays a role in physical activity levels. According to the pedometer counts, boys achieved a greater amount of steps than girls, thus confirming that boys reach a higher level of physical activity than their opposite counterparts. The authors acknowledged that the findings reported with gender levels were consistent with other research conducted in this area.
The purpose of this article was to examine the relationship between student motivation and physical activity by
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