How Does Mrs Stevenson Change Throughout The Novel

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Lucille Fletcher’s drama of Sorry, Wrong Number, characterizes Mrs.Stevenson through dialogue and setting, and creates a self-centered, demanding, and neurotic person. Mrs. Stevenson’s characterization is because in this drama, Mrs. Stevenson is trying to contact her husband, and the line is busy. But eventually, she connects to the wrong number, and she overhears a murder. She calls the police and because she is an invalid and neurotic person, the police would not do anything about it. She demands call after call to go through. After a while, she finds out the murder victim will be her. This is also when you realize that she can be the opposite of self-centered and neurotic. Mrs. Stevenson was considered neurotic and invalid throughout this script because of her drama. Mrs. Stevenson was also demanding and self-centered throughout the play. In the script, it says “I want the…show more content…
Instead of worrying about herself and how she is sick, she is trying to help the person that was going to be murdered. The author uses quotes from Mrs.Stevenson to explain the real Mrs.Stevenson. Mrs.Stevenson also is a worried wife. The conflict in the story is how Mrs.Stevenson can not reach her husband. This shows how she gets worried about other people instead of herself. To explain how this shows the real Mrs.Stevenson, the author uses the conflict of the story to justify the real Mrs.Stevenson. Finally, Mrs.Stevenson may be neurotic, but she also can get what she wants. Sometimes this may be a bad thing, but this can also lead to be a good thing. One example of this is “Personally, I feel you ought to do something far more immediate and drastic than just check the call.” This shows how Mrs.Stevenson can get what she wants to help the woman who is going to be murdered. The author uses quotes from Mrs.Stevenson to analyze the legitimate
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