How Does Much A Teacher?

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There are over 3.6 million teachers in the United States, and that ranges from pre-k all the way to college professors. ( One of the reason’s I chose this career was because I love to help people. Ever since I was little I use to play school with my brothers and sisters. Even as a senior in high school I tutor kids in my off time. I enjoy the satisfaction of knowing I made a difference in someone 's life. In this essay I will be writing about how much a teacher makes in the United States, and what it takes to be one. Teaching goes as far back as 1647, although not all children attended it was a law for each city with over 100 families have at least one elementary school so the child can learn…show more content…
If you want to teach middle school usually you major in a teaching degree then you go to secondary school also major in the subject that you wish to eventually teach like English, History, Music, or Biology. The route to getting this job is finishing college and getting your teaching degree and sitting in on other classes and getting your observation hours. One job that is close to being a teacher is like a professional nanny. You help and guide the child throughout the day like a teacher does. A few skills you should acquire to be a successful teacher is respect for others, a sense of community, and a skilled leader. A teacher teaches off of a lesson book on what the child needs to learn before going to the next grade. They have class preparation before school, teaching in the classroom which usually is a good 45 minutes, then grading the students work they do during that class period. Teaching is honestly huge, without it there wouldn 't be any successful people in the world. Most teacher will work from morning to evening, for example 8 am to 4pm. The work environment is very supportive, because there 's a lot of teachers that relate to what you 're doing and how you 're feeling. Usually the superintendent or principal is above the teacher, no one is really below the teacher. Most salaries range from how high your degree goes. For example an
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