How Does Much Friends Affect The Self Esteem Of A Student? Essay

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Jose shared how he tries to hide that he is a First Generation College Student for he is afraid that he might be judged by his peers of being ignorant. He shared that many people have a stereotype that First Generation College Students do not know what they are doing in college and that they are not smart enough. He said he tries harder than most of his peers to make sure that he does not get that label when his friends find out he is a First Generation College Student; he reminds himself that it is a motivator to succeed. His statement taught me about how much friends can impact the self-esteem of a student and the effect it can have. I asked the students if they can go back in time when they applied for different colleges and universities what would they do differently or wish you had. They all shared that they wish they had a mentor who would lead and guide them about the steps into going to college. They wished they had someone who offered guidance to know what campus might be the best fit for their character and talents. They emphasized the fact that it would have been helpful if there was a clear instruction on how to fill out FAFSA. They talked about different terms that they did not understand until they heard from their peers. Overall, they wished they had more information about the process of applying to different colleges with detailed information about what it means to the students and the parents. I have sought out different resources to read about

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