How Does Music Affect Bacteria Growth? Essay

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My experiment is going to be how music affects bacteria growth. However because bacteria is “deaf” and actually cannot hear music it can only hear the vibrations emitted from the music. I am going to test how different genera vibrations from rock, classical, pop, and techno music affect the growth. However, before we see why music affects bacteria you would need to know how bacteria grows normally. For bacteria to grow you need four components: food, temperature, moisture, ph. level, oxygen and time. For example are bacteria in food, particularly in raw food. Those bacteria are called pathogens they are commonly found in meats and fish. Most people do not end up eating them because if the food is cooked properly then the bacteria are…show more content…
The other type of process for bacterial growth is anaerobic respiration, these bacteria grow only if there is oxygen present. The final requirements for growth are ph. level and time. Each type of bacteria flourish in certain levels of ph., for example acidophiles grow best with a ph. level under 5.5. Then if the requirements for the bacteria are met more efficiently then the bacteria grows at a more rapid pace. During my experiment I am going to be using music, but bacteria do not actually hear music instead they hear sound waves created when music is played. What bacteria is hearing is a pressured disturbance that is moving through a medium. A medium could be your computer speakers. The pressure disturbances are then called mechanical waves. Mechanical waves are defined as when atoms have an exerted amount of force on them and is moved from their resting position and continue the exerting of force onto other atoms passing along energy. However if you were to break down even what mechanical waves are you would get something called compression and refraction. Compression is when particles or atoms are pressured and forced together which create pressure waves. The opposite of compression is refraction, while compression crams the particles together refraction would create more room for the particles. Thus allowing the particles to expand to allow its energy to flow because sound is
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