How Does Music Affect Children?

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Non-profit organizations for music are needed for a multitude of reasons. One reason why charitable establishments for this art form are required is because children who incorporate music in their lives normally benefit regarding mental ability primarily because they have continuously growing minds. Also, music is capable of improving the emotional and social skills of minors. Plus, music has a really healing nature, which can be of help to kids in need. Firstly, children are very much likely to benefit in terms of brainpower from exposure to music. The brains of students who are musically involved are proven to be much more advanced in the areas that deal with cognitive abilities such as attention, language, memory, and spatial-temporal skills than students who do not partake in any musical activities whatsoever (Brown 13-14, 38-39, 51-53) . Additionally, individuals who are musicians are known to possess accelerated brain activity because they are using larger portions of their mind since they perform tasks like singing and playing an instrument simultaneously (Brown 29-32). Furthermore, minors who have musical experience tend to have a bit higher IQs and usually score approximately twenty percent better on…show more content…
According to Singleton, music helps to bring minors from all walks of life together, which leads to them establishing friendships based upon similar musical interests (8-10). In addition, music has a considerable impact on the mood of juveniles, for they can control their emotions by listening to particular songs that make them feel a certain way (Singleton 24-26). Moreover, actively taking part in music fosters self-confidence in children, which they can use in other aspects of their lives (Singleton 19-21). Finally, music provides children with the ability to identify emotions and associate them to real-life situations (Singleton 27-28,
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