How Does Napoleon Change Throughout The Novel

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Napoleon was an exquisite character in the book: Animal Farm. He overpowered all the animals, and they followed. He was acknowledged as the leader, and the creator as their “Animal Farm”. No humans, no using human-made items, and never lay where a human has laid. Napoleon’s rules were simple. However he grew to the point where he wasn’t even following them, and was changing them as life went on. Animal farm included many instances where Napoleon was commanding as a dictatorship rather than a democracy. A ruler has his little guards and his reason being. Napoleon was just there to address the situation when they took over the farm, and he was whom had the authority to overrule the animals. As the book dragged on with Napoleon changing his mind constantly, the animals grew to attention that he was their leader, end of story.…show more content…
Napoleon used his crisis to rule the land. In multiple scenarios of the book, he was ruling by the minute. When one animal would point out that he was sleeping in the bed of the farmer, he would say that “ he wasn’t sleeping with any bed clothes” even though the animals knew that the 10 rules written on the barn said otherwise. The animals grew to anger when each time they would argue with Napoleon, they would check that list where the information was located and it would be changed by what he had said. Ruling as a dictatorship rather than a democracy in most instances, can really change the relationship amongst the leader and his people. Napoleon was leading as a dictator when he would change what he said to get the animals for him rather than against him. Napoleon was an untrustworthy leader who went against everything he had told the other animals to abide by. Napoleon would even threaten each animal who would ever argue or go against his will. He always said he would punish them with death. Which can cause a very distressed farm in most
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