How Does Nike Improve The Quality And Reduce Carbon Emissions?

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In the modern world, energy use, GHG emissions, water use, chemistry and non-renewable resource depletion, and also socioeconomic issues become the most significant environmental issues. It can be said that those affect community, occupational health and safety, and workforce development. Thus, Nike appreciates and follows ongoing improvement in these areas as can be seen throughout this report. Based on energy and GHG emissions, there is dramatic impact of climate change, so Nike sets a new plan with scientific program to improve the quality and to reduce carbon emissions.
In the past, the company’s material stage of value chain and in manufacturing lead to biggest energy and carbon impact. In the process, the company made products by loosing much more energy and had low incentives for renewable energy. As the company did not access to renewable energy, so facilities and the contract factories where the company’s products are assembled had to be powered by coal and diesel. In terms of water use, water had impacts throughout the company value chain. Within the production process, the company has to use amount tons of water to produce raw materials that affect in terms of water scarcity. With the chemistry making materials and products, it can make their way into the water and air, especially to people health. With the nonrenewable resource depletion problem, the company uses virgin resources that are nonrenewable inputs to produce materials. By doing this, Nike used oil,

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