How Does Obtuseness Is Detrimental To Good Order And Discipline

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How obtuseness is detrimental to good order and discipline
So, I’ve been tasked to find out what obtuseness is and how it is detrimental to good order and discipline. I have never heard of this word obtuseness until today when I was asked what it meant. So, once I’m finished with this paper, I shall know the meaning behind this word and why it’s so detrimental to us in the military and civilian sector. This paper shall give the reader(s) an idea of the meaning and how it affects the military’s good order and discipline, why and how it effects the Navy’s mission, why it could affect the Pmts (Preventive Medicine Technician) mission and our health readiness.
What is Obtuseness? Well obtuseness is a noun and has one meaning (1) the quality or state of lacking intelligence or quickness of mind. Obtuse is an adjective and has two meanings, (1) lacking sharpness or quickness of sensibility or intellect. (2) difficult to comprehend. Obtuseness is important because it can cause many issues to the Navy’s mission
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(n.d.). Official Website of the United States Navy.) if the person(s) are educated on the task at hand or the mission of the following Navy, Shore duty or Operational billet. If the member or myself is not obtuse, it could lead to malpractice, failing to work the equipment in your shop correctly, not guiding your junior sailors down the correct path and there are many more reasons why not being

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