How Does Oedipus Change

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The story of Oedipus is about a man who helped the people who resided in Thebes, which was located in Greece. He heard of the troubles that are affecting the city he asks Teiresias who explains it is his fault that there are disasters going on in Thebes. Only to find out he is the reason why there is problems in Thebes and banishes his self from Thebes. This essay depicts how Oedipus will show how he developed throughout the story, how he acted towards other characters, advances through the plot and how he essentially develops the theme. Oedipus didn’t change over the course of the text. He starts off single- minded and determined to find the murderer of King Laius until he realizes he was the actual killer of his father King Laius, his father. Oedipus asked, Creon who is the brother of his wife Jocasta “Send me out to live away from Thebes” (Sophocles 1711-1712). He was more concerned about what the people will think of him…show more content…
Oedipus stated, “O, O, O, they will all come, all come out clearly! Light of the sun; let me look upon you no more after today! I, who first saw the light bred of a match accursed and accursed in my living with them I lived with, cursed in my killing (Sophocles 1363-1368). In this scene Oedipus is horrified at the news that he heard about being the son of Laius who he killed and Jocasta who he married. Oedipus changed from being prideful of his heritage to be shameful of it. He was shameful of heritage because all his life he thought some other man was father only to learn that his father was someone he murdered. The prophecy spoke of how he would kill his father and marry his mother. Oedipus parent’s caused this disaster to hit them if only they didn’t order his death he probably wouldn’t have killed his father and marry his
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