How Does One Create an Ecosystem and How Are Countries Protecting Their Ecosystem?

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an ecosystem is a thriving of biotic and abiotic features in a region that interact with each other. or simply, an ecosystem is where animals and plants live in harmony with their surroundings. for a while now there have been issues with the care given to ecosystems and the ways in which countries deal with threats to them. we hear about the extinction of many a kind of fauna and flora and how their absence disorientates the equilibrium in many ecosystems and at the same time we also know about people and organizations that strive to help build and maintain them. in the following we shall look at how one can juggle focusing on the building of an ecosystem and sustaining the local population, how nations worldwide are contributing to the welfare of forests and the ways in which induviguals can give to the growth of an ecosystem. Global Perspective: apart from maintaining order, settling conflicts and providing its people with resources a government must see to it that its local ecosystem is maintained. this comes with its own set of benifits as tourism expands, the variaty of resources increase, the job pool broardens and sometimes natural calamities can be avoided. . In 1972 the United Nations began the Conference on the Human Environment, at Stockholm. Based on its result, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) was created, to become the world’s leading environmental agency. the environmental movemovement started by the united nations raised awarness for a number of
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