How Does One Rebuild a Failed Movie

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Today, a brief one. Just how does one rebuild a failed movie in such a way as to make it an enjoyable experience for the viewer? Case in point: Drive Angry. Here's what my favorite place says about this motion picture: Drive Angry is a 2011 American action film starring Nicolas Cage and Amber Heard, and directed by Patrick Lussier. It was released on February 25, 2011. Shot in 3-D, the film was met with a mixed reception and grossed almost $30 million....The film has received mixed reviews from critics. It currently holds a 45% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 111 reviews, and an average rating of 5.3/10. James Kendrick said it was 'loud, vicious, tasteless and inane'. He then went on to say 'it thunders at you from every direction with a wild abandon that is more irritating and desperate than enlivening'. Mark Jenkins from the Washington Post commented that 'Even at its most lurid, though, the movie is a little dull. It only gets less compelling as the back story fills in.' Thomas Layer from the Toronto Telegraph said the film was an "abysmal nightmare" and that this film was "more evidence that Nicolas Cage is a monotone, uninspiring thespian whose films should be avoided at all costs". On the other hand, Elizabeth Weitzman from the New York Daily News wrote, "Drive Angry is pure grindhouse, so committed to its own junkiness that it is, in its way, a pleasure to behold." The Evening Standard film critic Stewart Pulsey praised the film for its "resilient desire to unmask
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