How Does One Sacrifice Something That Can 't Be Held But Measured?

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Here is a riddle I learned during this school year. How does one sacrifice something that can’t be held but measured? If it can’t be held, how can you give someone yours? Last clue: If it can be measured why can’t you save it up for different purposes? What are we talking about here? After three clues you should have answered time. So how do people sacrifice time that can be measured, not held, and not given? For that answer we need to talk to a god. Chronos is a Greek god of time, but unlike other gods, sacrificing time wouldn’t’t please him. I have learned this firsthand by mostly trial and error. My trial and error tests had me sitting on my comfy couch, legs up, facing my 60-inch (measured diagonally) watching a TV show. My MacBook computer would be on my lap being ignored even though I had every intention to start my schoolwork. If Chronos was sitting next to me, the Greek god would smell of times lost and be fuming from his mouths, all three of them. I was in every sense sacrificing time rather then using it wisely. In a deep echoing god like voice Chrono honors me with the best advice the Greek god of time could give, “Use my time wisely or before you know it, your time will be up mortal.”
The Greek gods statement rang true to the same pitch of my ears as I turned off the TV and started my paper. I turned my head to face face face Chronos and responded in my mortal weak words responding, “Use it or loose it?”
The gods six eyes all squint in unison at

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