How Does One Teach An Individual Process For A Class Of Students?

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“There is no royal path to good writing; and such paths as exist…lead through…the jungles of the self, the world, and of craft” (Jessamyn West, qtd. in Lindemann 22). As West states, the method of creating “good writing” is as much an individual process as it is a challenging course to accomplish. How does one teach an individual process to a class of students? In order for instructors to teach this component, they need to provide students the opportunities to identify their individual process to become better writers. In the words of Erika Lindemann, author of A Rhetoric for Writing Teachers, “Writing involves not just one process but several”(22). In an attempt to answer the question, what does the process involve, Lindemann tackles the question by identifying what is universal about the writing process, with consideration to the individuality of the student writer. Rhetoric 1302 states that the student learning objectives for the course focus on communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and personal responsibility skills through the genre of the academic essay. Writing is a complex exchange of interpretation, argumentation, and translation. The subject of composition has befuddled scholars such as James Britton, Janet Emig, John R. Hayes, and Linda S. Flower, who have attempted to nail down what a writer does when composing a piece of writing. “Most students can’t verbalize accurately or completely what they’re doing when they write; consequently, investigators can

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