How Does Orwell Show The Theme In Animal Farm

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Animal farm was written by George Orwell in 1944,and is about a farm with animals and how they all want to become equal,and no other animal is more important than them.Animal farm is a book about animals,but is an allegory about the Russian revolution.and shows the life of the Animals that took over a does George Orwell show the themes in Animal farm.George Orwell shows many themes in animal farm some stronger than others,some of the majour themes in animal farm are trust/hope,equality and Orwell shows that there are many different themes in Animal farm.

George Orwell displaces many themes in the book Animal main theme being hope & trust a example is when:"boxer who had now had time to think things over ,voiced the general feeling by saying "if comrade napoleon says it,it must be right,."" This shows that a lot of trust and shows how boxer very much trusted napoleon,and how he would take his word for it.Again when old majour said,that he didn't
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