How Does Orwell Use Communism In Animal Farm

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In the story Animal Farm, Orwell uses both symbolism and communism to closely relate to the Russian Revolution. Orwell inscribes characters in the book such as Snowball and Napoleon to show what the Russian Revolution truly is. She also closely relates them to leaders involved in the revolution. Without Orwell's use of symbolism and communism in the story, readers wouldn't get a good understanding of what the Russian Revolution truly was. One of Orwell's first strategies in her story is the use of communism within the characters. Orwell creates to characters known as snowball and napoleon in the passage. These 2 characters are known as 2 communist leaders that battle for control of animal farm but these 2 leaders only make the farm unsafe…show more content…
One example of symbolism is the society in animal farm. The society is suppose to represent the soviet union under communist rule during the revolution. Another time symbolism is used in the story is to describe the two characters Napoleon and Snowball. The struggle for power between Leon Trotsky and Stalin is closely related to the rivalry between Snowball and Napoleon. Throughout the story both Napoleon and Snowball fight to gain power of the farm but show to have two different perspectives. This giving off a view that shows they're based of the leaders Trotsky and Stalin. Also orwell uses the windmill to symbolise industrialization during that time period. The seven commandments are also symbolic due to the fact that they show both the neglect in Animal Farm and the differences between the pigs and the working class. At the beginning of the novel, the pigs combine their ideas to form a list of seven Commandments that all the animals would soon learn to live by. "The seven commandments would be inscribed on the wall; they would form an unalterable law by which the animals must live by forever” (Orwell, 15). I think orwell is trying to suggest that the story Animal Farm is closely related to the Russian Revolution and that the Russian Revolution as a whole was one of the most vicious
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