How Does Ostrog's Struggle To Respond To The Revolution?

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It is worth to mention that the white council and Ostrog struggle to control the new awake Graham, as to make successful appeals, politicians have to associate themselves with "symbol venerated by the masses"(Lebow 75) and the sleeper was the most potent symbol in the society. After the council defeated and London is relit " the re-illumination of the city came with starting abruptness… the world was incandescent" (Wells 107). The city re-emerges in a false hope, the light is not gradual but instead:; this acts as a reminder that even though the council has been ousted, their systems and structure are still in place as Ostrog states"let them revolt, let them win And kill me and my like. Others will arise—other masters. The end will be the same" (Wells 188).…show more content…
Thus, he wants the sleeper as his "telegenic " persona, benign public screen for his establishment of new regime "at any time a crisis may arise needing your presence"(Wells 100). People are suffering as grievously under Ostrog as they did under the previous regime "Men are no longer free- no greater than men of your time…""every city now is person "(Wells 143) . Ostorg has tightened its grasp on power, giving himself control of legislation and the national budget, the salivary company violates human rights as brazenly as ever "the labor company ousted the workhouse"(Wells 144 ), and injustices are being perpetrated on the crowd under a new decree, giving the right to detain civilians. Although" there has been a revolution, all these things will be changed"(Well 146 ), but everything remains almost the same as it was before the
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