How Does Patient Safety Affect Nursing Ethics?

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How Does Patient Safety affect Nursing Ethics?
What is ethical may not always be right, and what is right may not always be ethical. Patient Safety and Nursing Ethics are Closely related. There are many ways that patient safety may be affected by nursing code of ethics and accountability plays a major role. To me ethics are what a person believes is right or wrong. The Joint Commission 's national safety goals for 2016 address great concerns within nursing. These goals include identifying patients correctly, improving staff communication, using medicine safely, using alarms safely, preventing infection, and identifying patient safety risks.
Identifying patients is key in preventing medication errors and relates to provision 3 in the
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A safety risk can be a fall, potential hazard, incorrect use of restraints. According to the CDC “One out of five falls causes a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury.” A nurse caring for patients needs to be mindful of their patients risk for falling. In assessing the risk for a fall, the nurse should consider medications, diet, environmental hazards, vision impairment and mobility. Prevention of falls may include the use of non restraint devices, frequent toileting, and frequent ambulation, which can be delegated to assistive personnel. Restraints are to be used for specific reasons such as when the patient is at risk of harming themselves. This could be construed as a restraint being used to prevent a fall. For example if you have a patient that is determined a risk for falling, is able to walk with assistance, yet has a history of falling. When applying nursing ethics to this situation, nurses may need to restrain the patient in order to prevent them from getting up, after they have exhausted other alternatives. The question about this is, why restrain a patient when they are able to ambulate with assistance? Restraining was not always the answer to this scenario, but due to recent healthcare reform, staffing has been reduced, it now has become the answer. I question this because the patient’s dignity is affected by their mobility being reduced, which also affects their health. By reducing mobility, circulation is
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