How Does Patient Safety Affect Nursing Ethics?

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How Does Patient Safety affect Nursing Ethics?
What is ethical may not always be right, and what is right may not always be ethical. Patient Safety and Nursing Ethics are Closely related. There are many ways that patient safety may be affected by nursing code of ethics and accountability plays a major role. To me ethics are what a person believes is right or wrong. The Joint Commission 's national safety goals for 2016 address great concerns within nursing. These goals include identifying patients correctly, improving staff communication, using medicine safely, using alarms safely, preventing infection, and identifying patient safety risks.
Identifying patients is key in preventing medication errors and relates to provision 3 in the code of ethics, “The nurse promotes, advocates for, and protects the rights, health, and safety of the patient.” This provision, identifying patients, medication safety are related because it is a nurse’s responsibility to protect the patient from harm and promote safety. Nurses are taught to use multiple checks before administering a drug and use two identifiers. These checks include checking the medication against the order when obtaining it, checking again when preparing the medication and the last check is done at the patient’s bedside prior to giving the medication. Also it is imperative to question any medication order that does not seem fit. The order should include a date, time, name of the medication, dosage strength, the route for…
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