How Does Peaceful Resistance Of Laws Affect Society

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Peaceful resistance of laws by itself does not impact a free society at all. In a free society like the United States, it is not the action itself that affects society, but the emotions evoked within society.

Some might argue that it is because Martin Luther King Jr. civilly disobeyed that laws such as the Civil Rights Act were created, but this is entirely untrue. Civil disobedience such as Martin Luther King's or Rosa Parks' during their movement against segregation didn't affect free society's laws nor order. Rather, it is because those actions convinced the majority of the nation, that change was brought about. No matter how one protests, resists, or disobeys, if they are unable to move the hearts of the majority, they won't be …show more content…

The whole point of the Revolutionary War was that peaceful defiance of Britain's laws didn't work, so drastic measures had to be taken. Otherwise, if Britain had taken a hint from all the boycotts and peaceful, diplomatic measures taken by the American colonists, we might still be under British Rule today. This is once again an example of civil disobedience failing to work.

Just as civil disobedience does not have any positive affect, neither does it have a negative affect. Again going back to Trump's election, those who tried to throw food at him were publically scorned and jailed, completely failing to have any effect on his campaign. The only way Trump's election was negatively impacted was when the man dug a hole and stepped in it himself. His massive and loose mouth was the only thing that affected him, and the civil disobeyers were quickly forgotten.

In conclusion, those trying to civilly disobey to get their point across should give up, and instead try to find legal ways to express themselves, such as holding events, or arguing diplomatically. Respect for the system might get them

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