How Does Peer Review And Critique Play In Effective Presentations?

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Speech and Presentation Critiques
• What role does peer review and critique play in effective presentations?
When it comes to peers and their reviews as well as the critique to any presentations that I have done and will do in the future, I believe that peers definitely play an important role just because it tends to refer in different ways, especially when sharing presentations and overall work with actual peers it is always great to know that you will be receiving feedback that at the end can help me become a better presenter. Being a beginner and getting use to presenting, allowing my peers to give me feedback allows me to go ahead and fix possible mistakes as well as grow and improve on the way. Peers for me personally will always be seen as my actual audience that provide me with constructive feedback to allow me to get better at presenting at the end.
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I believe that peers or any type of audience can go ahead and analyze the content that is being presented and evaluate it to see if the information that is being provided is educational and informative as well as acknowledgeable and convincing at the end. At the end, when a presenter has finished presenting personally I believe it’s important that you have left your peers as well as your overall audience with possible information on the topic that they will acknowledge and most importantly learn from it. Also, acknowledging what is going to be discussed needs to match the age and audiences that you tend to aim. Another method also includes being able to see if the presenter is ready to go and presents personality as well as information that is being presented is brought out clearly and close the presentation with proper conclusions and acknowledgeable
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