How Does Personality Affect Our Personality?

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Personality is something that is probably to change throughout the years, as a person progresses through life, particular life events, and the environment help shape such personalities. Most traits are to remain steady throughout a person life-span, and others are more likely to change. Different periods in life might also shape what our personality is like, but as people grow their character is more likely to set and become less varied. The things that might have mattered as a child have no longer significance as a teenager, and later on can become almost as insignificant as we become adults. The IPIP-NEO Narrative Report estimates the Five broad personalities domains of the Five-Factor Model including Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, and Openness. These general personalities domains are then broken down to subdomains to have more detailed descriptions of what each domain entitles. The results are based on extensive scientific personality measurements, and each person gets graded based on the result of 120 questions. Although the answers might seem general, the estimates can be compared to a person based on their answers. Life events might have the greatest effect on how our personality shapes up, the argument of nature – nurture might also come to have an impact on how we respond to events that shape our personality. Some people might have grown in a more peaceful environment but might come to find their temperaments are not friendly, on the
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