How Does Personality Conflicts Affect The Organization 's Performance?

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At some point in our life, most of us will have to deal with people we just do not like or cannot seem to get along with. This personality clashes occur between human beings as humans are born with different personalities and characteristics. Somehow, dealing with differences among human beings is not easy. This view is supported by Thamhain and Wilmon (1975, cited in Hill, 1977, p.2) where it emphasizes that personality conflicts are particularly difficult to handle in which conflict will occur.

Conflicts between the employees in an organization are an issue that must be overcome immediately as this situation could affect the organization’s performance. Additional support is given by Jalaludin et al (2013, p.39) who points out that conflict leads to negative effects on organizations such as lower productivity, high absenteeism or turnover. Therefore, by referring to the case study of “Just Trying to Help”, the main issue is the differences of personality traits among the Ralston Crane staffs.

Going through the case study, it is apparent that there is a clash of personality between Guy and Charyl. Both of them have different personalities which relate to one of the personality models called; The Big Five Personality Model. As defined by Gordon Allport, personality is the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determines his unique adjustments to his environment (Robbins, 2010, p.84). Here, it means that different personalities…
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