How Does Playing Sports Affect Young Athletes Avoid?

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Picture this if you will; It is a summer afternoon and children are ending their school day.
Young athletes both boys and girls begin preparing for that afternoon game. One family gathers around cheering on the young athlete. They gather the lawn chairs, the cooler, the sports memorabilia, the banners with their young athlete’s name and jump in the family car heading to the game. Everyone is excited about the game. A win would give the winner bragging rights for an entire week at minimum. As time runs out, the home team is losing. The last play that can tie the game is coming up. The player snaps the ball and one runner is going fast down the middle of the field for the win. The ball is thrown high and long. Both the runner and the ball seem
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children and youth are hospitalized or die from sports-related concussion
(Martinez 25). How could the parents have prevented this tragic event? Parents have the duty to protect their children at all cost even if it means to deny them the joy of playing sports. Children are drawn to sports because of the fame athletes receive. The cost to this fame can possibly be very expensive paid by costly injuries. In spite of the best efforts from all protective equipment, injuries still occur.
1. The Glamor of Sports
Young people enjoy playing sports because of the glamor and fame they represent. All sports events have a major championship that captures the hearts of the country, football, baseball, soccer, hockey, and basketball. It divides team A against team B. The favorite versus the underdog. The popular team that wins every year versus the unexpected team that surprised everyone. It rally’s a country behind a team that has not made an appearance at a championship game in decades. Children and adults become part of the team and mimic the players. The players are seen everywhere, in billboards, commercials, and movies. Manufacturers expect people to buy their products because they see an athlete that won a major event using it.
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“Everyone wants to be like Mike” a popular phrase made by a commercial profiting from
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the popularity of the best basketball player from the Chicago Bulls in the 90’s. Everyone wants to be like Mike, LeBron, Brady, Messi, and Beckham. Children and adults see these individuals as heroes like Batman or Superman. The best way to become like these heroes is to play sports and succeed at them whatever the cost. After all, Batman and Superman are heroes because they get up after taking a beating from their enemies. Children see the way sports brings happiness to their family and friends and feel they can do the same by joining sports and becoming like their favorite player.
In many cases that favorite player, the favorite team, or a particular sport is pushed onto children as a form of religion. Parents at times try to accomplish goals thru their children; that sport that they never participated in or succeeded at or that job they always dreamed of. Children are conditioned to follow an adults dreams by seeing the happiness the adult has when the child favors the adult’s preferences. The child reacts to the positive reinforcement given by the
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