How Does Poe Create Tension and Suspense in ‘the Tell-Tale Heart’?

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Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849) was a Gothic writer he wrote over 100 books and poems.’ The Tell-Tale Heart is a story where Poe uses detail, exaggeration, choice of words and the time of day to keep us reading on the edge of our seats. Those are just a few ways which makes the story a good read. When the story first opens we are dragged right into the action, when he is protesting to what we believe is a wrong doing, These words are the classic case of "The lady doth protest too much" and the reader wonders why the narrator tries to explain himself so much, we wonder what he could of done, the suspense begins First, his use of first person instead of third starts building up the suspense; right at the beginning we are introduced to the…show more content…
The final element is the narrators arrogance at the end, when he has the check-in from the police, when he is enthusiastic and overly confident,’ In the enthusiasm of my confidence’ when he has shown them the house he got chairs for them to sit, and he placed his chair right on top of where the corpse lay beneath the floor boards, during this part of the story the readers can’t help but question, what will happen next, will he get away with it? To conclude this essay I believe that the tension and suspense is created in a number of ways, mostly in the language and the way the story is written. The punctuation does play a part but not as big as the language. The exaggeration on different topics is also very
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