How Does Police Brutality On Children Affect How Society Portrays Law Enforcement?

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Imagine a young child screaming at the top of their lungs while being carried away, at what looks like to be against their will. Many children have been removed from areas and even arrested by police officers who have used unnecessary physical force on the child. Majority of these altercations between the child and police, the child was unarmed, being cooperative, and not being violent towards the police officer. When has there ever been a time where it was a justifiable right to harm a child that isn’t causing any physical harm to themselves or others? In this image one can note that the young boy is terrified while being forcefully removed by authoritative figures, and one of the officers seem to find the situation to be humorous. The boy was so scared that he urinated on himself. It’s obvious that the child is defenseless and shows no sign of hurting anyone, but yet the officers choose to handle the situation with unnecessary force. How does police brutality on children affect how society portrays law enforcement? Have children been traumatized after having to go through the experience of being physically or even verbally harmed by an officer? Are the children given justice for this injustice act by police? Police assert themselves, assumingly as helpful, caring, and always doing what is right for the great or good of mankind, but this image highlights police officers often behave otherwise. For example, a police officer forcefully threw and held a 15 year old boy, with
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