How Does Pope Francis Cause Climate Change

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n the past the public hasn’t given much notice to publications by the Pope’s, aside from a few historic examples most tend to go unnoticed. Unlike Pope’s before him, Pope Francis is living in the digital age and seems to be gaining a reputation for being more in touch with reality. The encyclia has been made widely available online and has quite the following in the media. Although it won’t be an immediate solution to the problem it’s a step in the right direction. By laying out clear steps on how to reduce carbon emission this has the potential to make a big difference. This is taking credibility away from climate change deniers who try to use religion as a crutch for ignorance. Pope Francis has given climate change a sort of celebrity endorsement that hopefully won’t be ignored. All of this leaves the future looking a little brighter.…show more content…
Although the twisting of its teachings have been used by people which in the end was harmful, the theology itself doesn’t entirely support this view point. By looking at the teachings without an alternative motive they’re in favor instead of environmental stewardship and protecting the earth. In a religion where God is believed to “make no mistakes” and create everything by hand, it’s difficult to justify taking action that will knowingly harm other living things. It all comes down to human greed and the darker side of humanity, things that Christian theology is definitely against. With a holy text as confusing and complex as the Bible it’s easy to understand why it’s been targeted as easy prey for those who misuse religion. Hopefully with current events this will become less
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