How Does Poverty Affect Education?

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Boisvert Taylor Boisvert Mrs. Spoor English 11 April 17, 2017 Poverty Research Paper Research Question: How does poverty affect Education? A child who is raised in a stressful and poverty stricken household environment is more likely to channel their stress into disruptive behavior at school and will be less likely to develop a healthy social and academic life (Bradley and Corwyn, 2002). Many say that laziness is a factor affecting education and success rate, however, it is a proven fact that getting out of the cycle of poverty is not as easy as it may seem. According to Eric Jensen (Nov 2009), Emotional and social stressors affect how a child will behave. Infants born into low socioeconomic status families often experience factors such…show more content…
When a child doesn 't eat a nutritional meal it can affect grey matter mass in the brain. This negatively affects cognition and the ability to listen, concentrate, and learn. Lead exposure is linked with poor memory and weak ability to think cause and effect. A kid with an ear infection is troubled with sound discrimination, which makes it hard to understand the teacher which can hurt a child 's reading ability. Ear infections in low income children often go undetected or untreated because of the medical resources available. Being uneducated about the effects of a low nutritional value diet are often associated with low income families. Children who have a poor diet often show symptoms of low or high energy. Therefore, poverty affects the health and wellbeing of a child and how learning abilities are affected. A third source, Teaching With Poverty In Mind (2009), states that acute and chronic stressors are more likely to occur in Low-SES children then their more affluent peers. Stressors associated with poverty stricken children are criticism, neglect, social exclusion, lack of enrichment, malnutrition, drug use, exposure to toxins, abuse, or trauma. These long term stressors affect cortisol levels which help with the functions of learning, cognition, and working memory. Experiments demonstrate that exposure to acute and chronic stressors shrink neurons in the frontal lobes. This are is

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