How Does Private Property Begin

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According to the Rousseau the state of nature which he mentioned was suppositious, primordial habitation where humans live uncontaminated by the society. He said men are born with the blank face which is neither good nor bad, but the society and social environment in which he is brought up plays an important role in shaping their nature. People have complete physical and emotional freedom for doing anything in society. But he also mentioned some of the drawbacks of humans are that they have not yet learned wisdom and morality. But Rousseau views state of nature as a good thing and the man who find this state should understand its role as a member of the society and retain their natural goodness. (Page 31)
How does private property begin,
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In what way according to the Freud, does religion offer consolidation from the hardships of life? According to the Freud the religion answer the question which is mostly asked what the purpose of life is. Religion tells us why we created and what is the purpose behind the creation of the whole universe? It is the religion who teaches us different ways of living and also guides our behavior for living a healthy and good life. It also help us how to deal with the hardships of life. Religion offers consolidation from the hardships of life. The hardships which the human face is created by them because they made their artificial needs and spend their whole life in fulfilling this need but the religion stops us from creating any artificial need and tells us to follow the state of nature so that we can safe ourselves from many hardships of life. (Page 7, 12)
Discuss briefly and in your own words, one aspect or role of love in society as described by Freud?
Freud describes many aspects of love in the society. The aspect of love which I discussed is the love for the family, the relation of love which is build between the brothers and sister and parents build a strong relation of love. But when we interact with the society other relationships of affections build with the society which results in the formation of love for friendship. When in individual born he had love relations only with the family but as he
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