How Does Psychology Motivate Your Own Mind

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How to Use Psychology to Motivate Your Own Mind

23. Visualization

As salespeople, not only do we need to use the customer’s mind to motivate them, there are ways we can use psychology on ourselves.
Talking about visualization may seem like psychology 101, but it can actually help you to become successful. It’s a great way to not only keep yourself on track, it’s also a way of breaking down any inferior thoughts you have about yourself and it will help you attain your goals.
Have you ever had something good coming up in your life? I bet you thought about it actually happening, the outcome, and how it made you feel. Sometimes it happens close to the way you picture and sometimes it’s completely different. You can do something similar that will bring about good results.
If possible, go to a quiet place where you’re unlikely to be interrupted.
 Set a goal in advance. Make it something that you really want to happen and will have a happy outcome.
 Be quiet and make yourself relax. Some people start at the top of their head and go down their whole body relaxing each part of their body as they go down. Breath slow and steady.
 Use as many of your senses as you can to help you visualize your goal. If it’s being able to go to Hawaii on vacation because you made a lot of sales then smell the ocean, hear the waves, feel the sun, and how happy you are.

If it’s being top salesperson then see, smell, and feel a wad of money in your hand, see yourself in the front of a room and all…
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