How Does Public Transportation Affected Society?

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The research project in Mr. Shindels class was long and difficult yet my final product was something I felt proud of and not only learned a lot from but also had fun creating. I chose a topic that I knew I would like enjoy working on, which I believe is one of the main reasons I had interest in working on this project. I have been really interested in public transportation for a while and this was a way to somewhat prove much of what I said about public transportation. I knew that public transportation aided the environment, economy, and social workings of society but I never before learned to what extent public transportation affected society and learned why.

I have always loved infrastructure such as the olympics, public transportation, and manned spacecraft. I believe I like these types of engineering projects because they can help to solve problems. This project helped me continue my interests past just the design phase and really analyze the use of infrastructure.

The most important thing I received from working on this project is the reasons why public transportation affected the world. I learned that agglomeration, the concentration of people, was one of the ways in which public transportation helped the economy to progress. I loved reading the study which talked about the agglomeration and had a sense of fulfillment that I
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I phrased my project around convincing governments to invest more in public transportation but the real reason was to convince other students and at least a greater proportion of the population. That was the reason my presentation was so crucial to the project as a whole. Luckily, in the notes I received as feedback many people wrote that the subject was interesting and that the benefits of public transportation made sense to them. I feel accomplished that I could spread my interested and view of the future to
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