How Does Pull An All Nighter By Joshua Piven

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A piece of writing has little meaning if the overall topic is not compared to another work. In fact, any object in the world has this same philosophy. A golf ball, for example, has individual detail to it, but when compared to a basketball, it has an entirely new meaning and description. This concept is also appropriate when reading and analyzing literature. Whether this literature is analogous or extremely disparate to another, the reader’s perspective shifts. After reading “How to Pull an All-Nighter,” by Joshua Piven, David Borgenicht, and Jennifer Worwick, and The Economist’s “Higher Education: Not What It Used to Be,” I quickly noticed an interesting juxtaposition between the two. The first is a basic how-to that illustrates staying awake for the entire night. Whereas the second informs the reader about pressing issues concerning fiscal matters of college. Many books and articles such as these possess elements that help compose a unique piece of writing, including the intended audience, layout, and the ultimate purpose. Comparing and contrasting these two readings, some characteristics appear to be shared while others create a definite divergence between the two. There are often numerous fundamental components of writing that shapes the general frame of the work. “How to Pull an All-Nighter” exemplifies these essential qualities. To begin with, the article was published in 2004 and had three writers collectively contribute to the text. This nonfiction

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