How Does Racism Affect The Way Of A Caste Like System?

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From the day you started school you were tracked. All your work was monitored, your intelligence “measured”, your behavior categorized. This sounds like something out of a dystopian novel, however it is done in almost every school across the U.S. This process of classifying students by ability into a caste-like system is called tracking. It deals with people being taught with those of decided like ability. Though this may seem proficient on the surface, its roots are much different. Racism plays a major role in track placement, it creates a superiority complex, it can perpetrate ableism, and perhaps the most astounding reason, there is no evidence it works. Because of these and several other reasons, I am against tracking. Ability is…show more content…
Of all 8th graders 25% take algebra 1. Logically this would mean 25% of all races of students would take algebra 1. However, only 13% of black students and only 12% of latino students took algebra 1 in the 8th grade. If you were to claim that racism does not apply to the school system, you are disproven by logic and basic math. Okay, so minorities are less likely to be put in ap classes and more likely in special education, but how does this affect them? According to a state college admission report, higher colleges say the most important criteria for getting into college is the presence of ap classes. This gives a disadvantage to students of color who are less likely to be pushed into these classes, or Special Education students (of which african americans are 67% more likely to be a part of) who often aren’t allowed to take them. The fact that colleges look down upon lower track students isn’t the whole story however. High track students often get a feeling of superiority towards their lower track peers, and as common as it is for high track students to feel they are better it is more likely that low track students to feel they are lower than those in higher classes. Students in tracked school system commonly attribute intelligence to being in these higher track classes, and while this may be partly honest, it is not the whole truth. As described in the previous
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