How Does Rapunzel Relate To The Movie

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Tangled is an empathetic and wonderful movie because I myself, am able to approach the movie and relate to it and compare it with my own life. In the exposition after Rapunzel is done finishing her little song about singing when her life will begin, her “mother” comes in and Rapunzel sees an open opportunity to ask her mother to see the floating lanterns that glow coincidentally, every time it’s her birthday. She asks this because her whole life she was dreaming of pursuing those lights just to get a closer glimpse of it because her heart is telling her to follow it and that it means something.Unfortunately, Rapunzel’s “mother” refuses because the outside world is dangerous and people are able to hurt Rapunzel. The predicament Rapunzel has in this scene relates to me because I’ve always wanted to do…show more content…
Her mother attempts to persuade her by saying that Flynn only wants her for the crown, yet Rapunzel believes that Flynn likes her and wants to stay. The mother disagrees and tells her she will be safe with mom if she just comes with her. Rapunzel gathers up the courage and says no. I can relate to this scene because there are some situations where I will gather up enough courage and just say no; speak my mind, even if it’s toward someone I highly respect which is my parents. For example, if I have a little disagreement with my mother, she expects me to sit and listen to her. However, sometimes I gather up enough strength to speak up and say what’s on my mind. In a like manner, Rapunzel and I share the same qualities when comparing saying no and speaking up against a person you highly respect. This reason is that we both have our breaking points in which we will say something in order to justify ourselves towards a disagreement with a person, specifically, a
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