How Does Recycling Within Wales?

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How does recycling in Wales differ to Germany?

For my investigation, I have chosen to look at the difference in recycling between Wales and Germany. I have chosen this topic because it’s important not to forget recycling as an important way of life to improve the quality of life for our future generations and to conserve our natural resources.
I have chosen Germany because it is roughly similar in size to Wales.
I will gather my primary data by surveying my friends and family to see if they recycle and if they do, how often, etc.
I will then make graphs to show the outcome.

What are the recycling statistics in Wales and Germany?

Wales: What has been done to tackle recycling?
The Welsh Government website has launched the “Towards Zero Waste” program which was launched in June 2010 which says that Wales aims to become a high recycling nation by 2025 and a zero waste nation by 2050.
They say we need to do this by reducing the amount of waste every year by 1.5% until 2050.
The program also states that we must all act to prevent wasting materials such as food waste, paper and cardboard, wood, metals and plastics.
Towards Zero Waste also hopes to:
Provide more green jobs
Help Wales become resilient against future competing demands for resources
Ensure that everyone can contribute


The targets that “Towards Zero Waste” have set include:
A minimum of 70% of waste being reused, recycled or composted by 2025
A maximum of 5% of waste going to the landfill by 2025
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