How Does Religion Influence Reality And What We Perceive

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“How does religion influence reality and what we perceive; What is reality?”

Since the beginning of time, Religion has influenced the life of millions. In “Life of Pi,” we learn exactly how vital Religious beliefs and practices can be to our survival. Yann martel, the author of “Life of Pi,” attributes the themes in this story to fear. Throughout the novel, Pi is confronted with truly disastrous situations, and he seems to miraculously make it out intact. Martel further explains his reasoning by stating that “Religion and Higher Powers have always influenced humans. From Asia, to America and everywhere inbetween. Though these continents have vastly different beliefs, there is one common factor; fear. The many gods of Hinduism are always watching and the vengeful, wrathful God of the old testaments instills a proverbial fear in all. Fear is our greatest driving factor but it is also our one opponent.” Three major religions are used in this novel to further illustrate Martel’s Beliefs, and each of the religions play an extremely important part in Pi’s story. “Life of Pi” is the story of the accounts faced in Piscine Molitor Patel’s time at sea. In the beginning of the novel, adult Pi is recounting his story. In the beginning of his story, Pi is a young and innocent boy. He and his family live a very fulfilling upper-middle class life in Pondicherry, India. Pi’s father has gone from Hotel owner to Zoo owner, and eventually decides to move his family and
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