How Does Richard Matheson Use Cgi In Modern Disaster Films

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The use of CGI (computer-generated imagery) has become a prevalent, although rather expensive element implemented in modern films, especially of the disaster film genre. Audiences worldwide are proving to be more difficult to amaze, and are not impressed so easily. Most moviegoers are quick witted and even the slightest production error on screen can deter people from enjoying and sometimes understanding the film. It is no secret that the general consensus in Hollywood is focused to create the biggest, and most gruesome disaster situations on screen using special effects and CGI in order to shock and awe their audiences. When studios act this way while producing a film, they often ignore plot holes, and lack of substance in storylines in lieu…show more content…
Matheson’s book tells a story of Robert Neville who, after a majority of the Earth’s population have been killed due to a new plague, is the last living man actively searching for a cure that mutated all the other inhabitants of the planet into vampiric forms of their former selves. The earlier film The Last Man on Earth implores a relatively sentimental plot and stays the most true to the book of which it is based upon, while I Am Legend takes on a charismatically different approach tailored specifically to do well in box offices for a modern audience, completely ignoring the original message behind the…show more content…
In both films, this universal attachment to the protagonist is established, but in The Last Man on Earth Robert eventually is hunted down by the new society of “intelligient vampires” who had been searching for him after he “destroyed” the vampires friends and family for his experiments in hope to find a cure for the disease. “[Robert] is seen by these intelligent vampires as not only an evolutionary throw-back but a serious threat as he indiscriminately destroys vampires both monstrous and intelligent during his daylight rampages. As the monster who comes during one's sleep, [Robert] is captured and condemned to public execution.”(Moreman). This twist in plot, creates a semi-original idea that holds true to the theme in the preceding novel, in a new society of vampires, Robert has seen himself become a murderous human, the last of his kind. I Am Legend, however ironic as it may seem because of the films shares the title with the novel, strays away from this ending and instead, in this storyline, Robert finds a cure and in his final moments decides to sacrifice himself for the rest of humanity as he knew it. Yet another Christ-like reference to further instill the “legend” that Robert has left upon the new wave of society. The film I Am Legend effectively encapsulated, and in some ways expanded, the attachment
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