How Does Rita and Franks Relationship Change Between Act One Scene 1 and Act 2 Scene 1?

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How does Rita and Franks Relationship change between Act one scene 1 and Act 2 scene 1? Frank is a university lecturer and will be teaching Rita what she wants to know about literature and another world outside of her own. Russell has interpreted the character of Rita as a copy of himself. This is because he was also a hairdresser and went to a night school to do his O levels before he became a famous writer. When we first see Frank he is in his office and appears to be looking for a book on the shelf. The audience then realises that he is actually looking for a bottle of whisky that he has hidden behind a book. This is symbolic for that Frank is hiding his drinking problems behind his work and education. Another example of Frank hiding…show more content…
At this moment she has realized that she doesn’t want to end like her mum and sitting just in a pub singing songs. So she decided to carry on going to the course. All in all we can see that both characters have changed. On the one hand Rita who is less self-confident and has decided to distance herself from her old live and on the other hand Frank shows more feelings and so we can see that now there’s really a relation between the two. In act 2 scene 1, Rita is back from London and comes to Frank’s office. They talk about the time in which they haven’t seen each other and Rita gives Frank an expensive pen as a present. Frank hasn’t changed a lot in contrast to Rita. He is still drinking and smoking. Rita, however, has changed very much. She has given up smoking and has bought new clothes. She has new friends and seems more educated. She has even lost her innocent “point of view”. Because of that Frank thinks that Rita doesn 't need him anymore, as she has achieved everything she has wanted from Frank at the beginning of the play. After the time Rita spends at Summer School, she comes back with a new attitude that is not only seen in the way she dresses but also in her attitude towards Frank. One of the main changes that have occurred in Rita is the way she responds to Franks´ requesting as regards the books she should read in this term. That is, now that she “knows” more and as a
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