How Does Rousseau And Diderot Compare Their Texts On Human Happiness?

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How does Rousseau and Diderot compare their texts on human happiness? Both these authors Diderot and Rousseau have similar perspectives on human happiness. They believe happiness comes from who you spend your time with and within the environment that you live in. This essay will talk about some similar factors on what and why makes them happy and comfortable within themselves. They both liked to live a care free life , not to be a slave or to be a boss. The authors mention that they both liked the scenery of nature and that their happiness comes when they are comfortable within themselves and their surroundings. Both Rousseau and Diderot wrote happiness is to live freely in peace and not to live life worrying about what is going to happen the next day. Rousseau mentions in his text ‘and then we would go off to bed satisfied with our day and only wishing for the next day to be the same’ (p. 50). He likes to live his day to day life, as the day goes. He does not like to plan ahead. Diderot writes in his text ‘the idea of crime and the threat of illness came among us within your entry’ (p. 8). He is showing that crime was never experienced in the town; what Diderot is intending to say is that they live in peace without a worry and that was what made them happy. Both authors agree that not being told what to do by anyone, in means to control them or slave them around and without being hassled is what they have been doing and is what they prefer to live. In Diderot’s text he

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