How Does Rousseau Deal With Social Inequality

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Inequality is one of the biggest problems facing our country today. The wealthiest 1% of Americans have as much financially as the poorest 50% of Americans. Many people in this country are working hard every day and are barely able to make ends meet. The voice of the poorest in this country is being ignored in favor of the voice of the wealthy. Most Americans do not desire to be poor but they are not given the chance and the resources to overcome poverty.
In his article Williams brings to light many issues dealing with social inequality including how many philosophers have felt about the issue. Plato believed that inequality made the wealthy lazy and did not give the poor enough to succeed and Thomas Hobbs believed that the wealthy undermined the way the government is supposed to work and made the poor restless and angry. One of the most influential philosophers of inequality was Jean-Jacques Rousseau, he believed that inequality serves the “particular will” instead of the “general will”, that it leads to civic unrest, and that it destroys the soul.
Most people have heard of pay to play when it comes to politics this is one of the things Rousseau talks about when addressing inequality. The idea that those with the money have the financial ability to sway political leaders and the laws they
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They are evident in most places across the United States. The wealthiest people and companies are using their money to sway America government through lobbyists while the voice of the poor is becoming harder and harder to hear. It is becoming harder for normal Americans to afford college and other programs that would help them move on to better lives. Those at the top of many companies are happy making millions of dollars a year while paying a large majority of the employees a less than livable wage. The gap between the wealthy and the poor is growing larger every year and as it grows so do many of America’s social
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