How Does Rousseau Justify This Argument?

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Discuss the following question. The length of your essay should not exceed 2500 words (8-10 typed, double-spaced pages).
One of the central arguments of the Social Contract is Rousseau’s insistence that even a modern republic cannot survive without the aid of a “civil religion.” How does Rousseau justify this argument? What role does it play in Rousseau’s republicanism? And how would Montesquieu and the authors of the Federalist Papers have responded to Rousseau’s thesis?
The Social Contract of Rousseau is an innovation for republicanism theories and Rousseau did have an influence on the republican tradition for implementing the republicanism and democracy in US .
Republicanism became the source of many of our ideals and values. We live in a world in which all states aim is to be republican,(even Britain or Sweden that are monarchies are more republican than some others that pretend to be. When Rousseau wrote Social Contract many governments were monarchies and the republicanism ideas were their enemy.

Republic opposed practices of monarchy such as its hierarchy, its imparity, its devotion and its patronage. In fact, republicanism at Social Contract, offered new conceptions of individuals relationship with state, with family, and the others. Republicanism gave the new ways of organizing society.

Liberty is achieved when citizens are virtuous and ready to sacrifice their private interests for the sake of the community. This virtue could be found in a republic when people
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